Whats On Your Resume

What’s on your resume? When we ask that immediately your mind starts thinking of your education or past job experience. I want to declare to you that every day and everywhere you go you are a resume for God. When we fill out a resume for a job we make it look good. We list all of our best features and greatest task. We even embellish why we switched from one job to the other. Just a thought; what if we put as much into our living resume for Christ as we put in for that ten dollar an hour job.

We tend to walk out our Christian walk with an attitude that it only matters what God thinks, not others. How many times when people mess up do we hear them state, “it is covered by grace.” Even though that statement is true we have a responsibility to others to be a living resume for Christ. How does your resume read to the cashier at the bank or grocery store, or to the waiter or waitress who served you your food? Let’s go ahead and bring this home, how does your resume read to your wife, your kids, or other family members? The statement is made by many, “well they know me” is that really how you want them to know you?

What if every time we left the comfort of our house we make a decision to give everyone the best resume of us? We don’t want that potential employer knowing that we struggled in college or have been fired before, is it not more important that the persons whose soul is in your hands should not get the best you. I believe in being real and knowing that we all struggle in areas, and I am not saying, be a fake. What I am saying is put the best you that you can out there. Care what others think about you because you may be the only resume for Christ they see.


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