What Is A Father?

What is a Father?

F = forever, faithful
A = altering, adjusting
T = teaching, there
H = honoring, hovering
E = elevating, eliminating
R = resolving, restoring

There is a praise song that states “forever you are faithful” talking about our Heavenly Father. As I sit here and think about our Heavenly Father I can’t help but think our earthly fathers should follow that example. It does not take a genius to procreate and have a kid. It is done e everyday.

One of the biggest problems facing our world is the fact that we have a multitude of sperm donors and only a handful of real fathers. A father is someone who is always there and putting themselves last in life to promote what they created. Think about it if you created a million dollar idea you would promote that no matter what stood against you. Yet everyday men are creating lives that are far more valuable than gold or silver and then leaving their creation to be promoted by someone or something else. I contend today that many problems in the world could be abolished if men who were sperm donors would stand up and be fathers.

From the definitions above what does it mean to be a Father? The F stands for the fact that forever a father is faithful, faithful to be there at all times and in all situations. The Bible states that God will never leave us or forsake us. The A stands for a father that is always altering and adjusting his life so he can teach his children to do the same. The T teaches us that a father should always be there teaching us the right way to live life. The scripture says train up a child, which means to teach them by example. The H says to hover over your children watching and guiding not doing it for them. It does no mean to be behind them to push them or in front of them to stop them and by all means, it does not mean to sit on top of them and squish their dreams. It also means to honor them and everything that should be important to you. The best way to do this is to honor their mom. The E stands for elevating and eliminating. We elevate our kids by eliminating things that can put them down. Sometimes that means we eliminate our dreams, our goals, and our selfish ways. Last but not least the R stands for resolving and restoring. Teach your children how to resolve conflict and restore vital things that are lost even if they were lost because of our mistakes.

All of the qualities above have been established by our Heavenly Father and if you did not have a good example of an earthly father look to Him and he can help you achieve the goal of being a good father.


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