Our Fellowship

Our Story

In December 2009 a handful of believers got together in the living room of a house and had a Bible study.  This group of believers felt God was leading them to start something fresh and new in Waco, Texas.  By February the group had grown and moved into a hotel banquet room.  At this point the pastors decided on a traditional name thus The Lighthouse Church was established.  From there they moved to a larger hotel banquet room.   Easter Sunday 2011 they had their first service in a rented storefront building at 1201 B Lake Air Dr.  They are still in this location but actively looking for a new building because of the growth they have experienced.  In 2012 The Lighthouse was going through a transition and the message laid on Pastor Tommy’s heart was to not be traditional.  After preaching a series titled Break the Mold, he knew the direction God was leading.  In 2013 The Lighthouse officially became Mold Breaker Fellowship.  MBF is a group of people wanting to present Jesus in a way that is not traditional.


Our Purpose

At Mold Breaker we want to build a fellowship without the box of religion.  We want to present a gospel built on our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We also want to reach out to those who feel shunned by traditional religion and present to them that there is hope.  Throughout the scripture we see Jesus ministering to broken people and those that for one reason or another were shunned by society and religion.  We see him minister to the leapers, who were not permitted to hang out with society, the poor, who were pushed aside because of their status, and the sinner, like the woman about to be stoned because she was caught in adultery.  Jesus told that lady he did not condemn her.  Our main focus is to let people know that Jesus did not come to the world to condemn the world and neither do we.


Our Core Values

  • Lead with Authenticity

The leaders of MBF are honest and real about the challenges and victories that we experience in our daily walk with God.


  • Appreciate Diversity

We find value in people, their stories and their unique gifts, empowering them to leverage who God has made them to advance His Kingdom.


  • Practice Generosity

We believe in helping those who are less fortunate than us.


  • Build the Kingdom

The entire body of Christ has value, we want to honor, uplift, and support all those who carry the torch for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • Build the Community

We believe that the community around us is important, because of that we want to feed, encourage, help, and be a pillar for those who live, work, and play around us.