Freedom Has Never Been Free

As I sit here on the day our nation touts its freedoms, I can’t help but think about the similarities between our nation being a free nation and you and I being free people.

Everything in life cost something especially freedom. With our country it took men with a vision to separate ourselves from a tyrannical way of life. Then it took men and women that were willing to die for you and I to live free. Those before us who have died, and paid the price for you and I to walk around sweet tea in hand, celebrating with fireworks, and still proclaiming one nation under God.

John 8:36 says the same thing about your spiritual life. If you have been set free it is because a God had a vision to see a people who put themselves in bondage free. After Adam sinned God proclaimed “I will redeem man.” His vision was to send a sacrifice that could once and forever set man free. The sacrifice came in the form of His Son. Jesus by hanging on a cross, dying, and rising bought your freedom. Today if you don’t know real freedom them come meet the one who paid the price. His name is Jesus and He wants to make you free.

Come celebrate freedom with us and be a MOLDBREAKER!


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